Sunday, August 14


It's nearly spring again here. To mark the end of the cellmate's return from exile in NZ we took a long walk today, to try and get reacquainted.

Because this place used to be a penal colony, they still believe in fencing everything in. Just in case.

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  1. Albert? Nice flowers! Hotboy

  2. Came up here and stole our sunshine did you?

    Lovely flowers. Sadly the world is full of fences and walls.

  3. Albert? Did you show here where you shot the dog? Hotboy

  4. All. I forgot to say, the first flowers are the old dear's favourite. Were her favourite.

    Nanners. There's not much sunshine yet, not even enough to run the solar hot water. PS Have the riots reached up your way yet?

    Hotters. At least I've shot something. Some people just wish they had a gun. PS The brother in Switzerland's now licensed, or maybe even compelled as a citizen, to keep a gun.

  5. I say!

    Sometimes, they forget to lock the criminals up in the local nick, and the criminals have been known to walk out. It happened when they captured the criminal who burgled us, some time back.

    "What are you going to do with the criminal? I could set my dogs on him, if you want a quick solution" I asked.

    "I'm sorry Sir" the policeman replied "We forgot to lock the cell door, and he has gone."

    MM III

  6. Mingers. Sounds like the polis guy needs to repeat the training module on jail theory.