Wednesday, August 17

rioter's prayer

I saw this alternative prayer posted by a shameless lass on facebook.

Our father, who art in prison,
my mum knows not his name,
thy riots come, read it in the sun, in birmingham, as it is in london,
give us this day our welfare bread and forgive us our looting, as we're happy to loot those who defend against us,
lead us not into employment but deliver us free housing, for thine is the telly, the burberry and the barcardi, forever and ever...... innit..?



  1. Albert? What kind of evil bourgeois nonsense is this?

    You shoot my bro
    You bash my sis
    I steal your trainers!

    Hope this helps. Hotboy

  2. Hotters. I don't get it. Footnotes might help, but it's probably best left to obscurity.