Monday, August 1

workplace formality

Since my old office-mate moved out in a huff and a hurry, I'm still getting to know the new office-mate.

I really shouldn't have bought that bag of chestnuts, they give me gas as if a dog's done its business in my pants.

Yesterday I left the office for a couple of minutes, and on returning I found the office-mate standing with his head out the open window.

I could have apologized but I just brassed it out. With a bit of luck he would think I assumed the smell was him.


  1. Albert? Back to basics, eh? You realise there is no gas and there is no smell. It's a flashback to the evil bourgeois calvinist toilet training!! Hotboy

  2. Hotters, there's a plot for your next book. The hero gradually realizes every event is just a toilet training flashback. The denouement could be when he realizes the only cure is an operation in Spain.

    10% and it's yours.

  3. I say!

    Best, also, to keep off the sherry and smoked salmon.

    MM III

  4. I take it you aren't much interested in making friends with your new office mate?

    Good luck.

  5. Mingers. What's your view on full fat Brie with spring onions?

    Nanners. If we were chimps we'd be on bottom sniffing terms already. Not sure that would be an improvement.