Tuesday, June 16


I've been entertained by recent posts by my unfortunate blog pals, who have to lead more interesting lives than mine. After work on Friday I had to go for cocktails (in my case fruit juice) to the flat of some deifheids. On the plus side:

  • they're actually hardly deif at all

  • there were only a handful of other people there

  • only one of the guests was a profound deifheid

  • there were lots of interesting pictures to look at on the walls

  • it was all over within a couple of hours, so I still had the rest of the evening to play with the ipod on the 3-bus trip home, while the partner went to the theatre.

deifheids (pronounced deef-heeds) - people who are unable to listen to anyone else, because they're too busy talking about themselves. [from the Scots deif=deaf, heid=head]


  1. Albert? Why three buses? Why didn't you drive if you weren't drinking alcohol? Sounds like a frantic social life! Hotboy

  2. Hotters, surely I would first need to own a car?

  3. PS - driving a car I wouldn't have been able safely to read The Real Alma Mater on the ipod.