Thursday, June 11

delusions of fitness

What a fantastic Thursday morning! After charging up on green tea and porridge, I did the one-hour dog bushwalk in record time. On the way back, I stopped to buy a 4-kilogram pumpkin, and picked up a chair by the side of the road. One of these adjustable gas-filled kneeling chairs, they cost about $500 new. I carried it home. At home I got the scales out, and worked out I had carried 14 kilograms for about half a mile, without doing my back in at all!

So since I was warmed-up, it seemed like a smart time to try running again, so I put on the old jogging shoes and went out. There was probably only 5 minutes of actual running in it, but that's more than I've run in the last ten years. I really felt the difference between walking and running - I can walk fast for hours on end, but the wee bit of jogging left me puffed.

But no joggers knee at the end of it!

Finally, I went to the gym in the back room. I've been doing regular gentle weights for weeks now. Of course it's hard to resist the temptation to pile on the bigger weights and end up tearing or spraining something, but the cautious build-up has paid off. I was able to do 3 sets of everything:
  • First set on silly easy settings.
  • Second set near my various injury thresholds (I keep a log).
  • And the third set just above my previous limit.
And there were no twanging or ripping sounds at all, and no pain. Oh the joy of not hurting! And it's still not even lunchtime.

I must ask hotters if he tends to feel cold too, about half an hour after a jog, or if it's just me. As you'd expect, it's balanced up by a rush of blood to the, well to the area formerly known as the fungal zone.

I'm going for a lie-down with a hot water bottle and some porn, and I may be quite some time. And to think that most people have to work today!


  1. Albert? I do not get cold half an hour after a jog, so that's just you. Since you don't smoke and drink, don't you think meditating a wee bit and doing some deep breathing exercise would be a lot better for you anyway? Hotboy

  2. hotters, you're incorrigible (a word I first learned from the DB, in the lift at Ewing House as I recall, it's amazing the stuff that creeps out of the memory banks).

    I'm sure I would benefit from what you're suggesting, if I only had time, unfortunately some people have to work full time.