Tuesday, June 2

dog art

I have been persuaded to start giving away all my possessions. To begin with I have donated a picture of the dog to the Art Gallery of New South Caledonia.

I was off work yesterday with a mega-cold. What a waste of a sickie! But it's my first cold since I went on the bliss pill programme, and I've quite enjoyed observing myself having the cold. It's what we in the pharmaceutical bliss community call detachment.

Another benefit of being off work sick is I've managed to kick the tea habit completely. Of course that means that on my first day back, I'll overdose on a single cup, and be gibbering. Everything balances up.


  1. Albert? Sorry to hear abour your disease. Did you catch it off a sailor instead of the desired bout of swine flu? The doggy in the photie looks for too smart and alert to be your dog. And too young. Hotboy

  2. I say!

    Sometimes malaria starts with what feels like a cold. Recommend a few tonics for the quinine.

    MM III

  3. hotters - that's because the handsome dog in the painting is actually me after the canine flu.

    mingers - I had wondered how young Andrew Symonds became so immune to malaria.