Thursday, June 18

on deifheidism and new work methods

Hotboy's flatheid problem is akin to the deifheid problem here in New South Caledonia.

Of all the indigenes of Jockoland I knew, I can't recall a single deifheid, yet almost everyone here is a deifheid. Does that mean there were no deifheids over there? More likely, I was smart enough when younger not to befriend anyone who couldn't listen.

Yesterday at work, things went well. A few students dribbled in over the course of the morning, and got on with their work with little intervention from me. So I was able to spend the time on the PC exploring some of the new skills I want to be able to cover next semester.

The afternoon class went even better - no students turned up. And the same thing happened at the evening class. Does that mean I didn't work? No. Does it mean I was all alone? No. Thanks to the internet, I was in touch with say about 30 students, reviewing their emailed work, fielding their questions, providing feedback, negotiating late submissions etc.

It was a cold rainy day, but because students were attending virtually, they were able to do it from home or from the bus, or for all I know from the pub. And I was able to listen to the pod, and occasionally lie down on the classroom floor for some yoga. The arrangement suits everyone. What a great way to work!

Of course, if the managers had walked in they would have complained, but I had my arguments marshalled and ready. And I'm upfront about my methods when I record each student's attendance as "10 minutes email" or "5 minutes phone" or "personal contact". If you document everything, you're covered.

Oh dear, that last bit sounds a bit blackshirt.

Talking about people interested only in covering their own asses, I'm relieved that Albert's no longer having to rely on his managers for security, now thatthe psychostalker has been banged up for life.


  1. Albert? Shame about the psychokiller getting the jail. Imagining him creeping up to you when you're lying on the floor listening to your ipod is quite something. Try sticking on some Jaws music and closing your eyes to that when you need a pick me up. The trouble with having no students in the flesh is the gorgeous womenfolk you might miss. Bit of a shame. Ask them to send photies with their email so you can empathise better. Hope this helps. Hotboy