Wednesday, June 10


What are those Brits doing? Just at the point when they need to get organised for the pig epidemic, they're shredding their government. Dearie me! Is this really the time to be going all honourable over petty cash?

Here in New South Caledonia, politicians have no need to fiddle their expenses, since they're already doing nicely on fat salaries and back-handers from developers. And even when they get caught out fiddling something or diddling their secretary, no politician would ever dream of resigning.

And there's never any pretence that our politicians have any competence. If circumstances ever force them to do actually something, they just copy whatever Britain did 10 years before. So far this has worked well, letting Britain work the bugs out of each new initiative, before we eventually copy whatever works.

Unfortunately that won't work with the pig flu: it's summer in Britain, so they only have a few hundred cases as yet, whereas it's the flu season down here and we're awash with it. At last, something we can beat Britain at.


  1. Albert? Good news about the pig flu! When it hits here, they'll have to close the jobbie place down. I think it only kills young people, but it's time they got it in the neck instead of us oldies! Hotboy

  2. Nice idea, but who's going to drive the buses and empty our garbage if all the fit people are deid?

    Idea - does Oliver still have his PSV?

  3. Albert? Re Olly: reckon when you've got something like that you've got it for life. I don't want to get a bus. Hotboy