Wednesday, June 30


In the course of my hut management work I was recently challenged to set up a webcam.

The dogcam is currently showing a live picture of the dog's living room. Until I have fully tested it, I will have to switch it off while I'm at work.

If you can't get to the live version, here's a recent snapshot of the scene.


  1. Albert? It said you had to download something, but I can see where this is leading and I think if your prostate milking feather dance is about to go viral that I'm due at least ten percent off the top! It's only fair. Hotboy

  2. Hotters, as hut manager I applaud your caution. I should have explained, there's a wee java applet that needs to be accepted, to handle the webcam. I'm confident it's safe, but the webcam's off again now anyway. I know how much this helps you.

  3. I say!

    There's too much security on my PC to get the webcam.

    MM III

  4. Mingers. Open your heart. Let the love in. Actually you're fortunate - yesterday the cam witnessed some unsavoury activities in the living room. I had forgotten that it's live online.