Wednesday, November 10

cap'n kev comes ashore

Cap'n Kev is now amphibious, with a land base in another part of New South Caledonia.

I visited his place last week. When his Japanese cabin girl heard I was coming, she decided to go back to live with her husband. She probably couldn't face being overcome with longing for me.

Kev's place is next door to a school, where the stairwells and classroom windows overlook his garden.

So Kev had visited the headmaster, and asked him to get all the windows obscured with opaque plastic. I never thought the school would agree, but they did. Kev didn't even have to explain about his garden perversions.

While I was there, we met the headmaster. I suggested the schoolkids would soon pick spyholes in the plastic film, and film Kev's privates for YouTube.


  1. Albert? The jannies were forced to buy their houses in Edinburgh. Our janny said when he was selling it who did the corporation think would want to buy it with a thousand school kids streaming past it all day? Hotboy

  2. Hotters. That's a bizarre place. Here nobody's forced to do anything.

  3. Albert? You really do know a bunch of perverts! If Dances with Men Now wasn't bad enough! So after he's filled his cupboards with the footage of films shot up girls' skirts, he goes to the headmaster ... I would like to write a scene like that if I was still a writer. Did he show him a sample? He should negotiate for the now ex-jannie's house outside the school. He could try leching at girls from ground level. That's what the rest of us have to make do with!

  4. Hotters. Anybody who's not a pervert is either working too hard to have time, or totally repressed. I don't know what camp you're in, but I'll say this for you: it's made you psychic. You've anticipated Kev's next move. Feel free to turn it into a novel.