Thursday, November 25

cap'n kev comes adrift

I don't really want to start visiting people in jail. Cap'n Kev has persuaded the school to respect his privacy by blotting out their windows.

But then next thing, he's talking about installing a webcam on his roof, so he can see into the school grounds. I'm sure he just wants to do some volunteer neighbourhood watch work. The leggy senior schoolgirls have nothing to do with it.

When I was about 14, the girl I used to play with suddenly developed curves and bumps and gorgeousity. She had boyfriends who took her out in their cars.

One day she offered, or maybe I persuaded her, to get undressed at her window that evening. Presumably she was between boyfriends at the time.

Her window was facing mine, across a sort of junction. Some weeks before, I had bought a telescope with my pocket money, so I was all set. I sat by that telescope long into the night, until finally it became obvious she had gone to sleep with no intention of keeping to the deal.

Maybe something similar happened in Cap'n Kev's childhood, and he's now trying to balance up the other end of his life.


  1. Albert? In the school where I worked, the gurls were not allowed to go around in pelmets just because they'd been forced to hem in their chesty pillows and wear ties, and this was better. Due to a wimp now running the place, the gurls just walk around in pelmets willy nilly these days. As soon as I open my eyes after the bus stops, there they are! Or, there she is! This gorgeous pair of legs. I don't think it's all our fault anymore. If they find out about Capn Kev's telescope, they'll be on the roof waggling their legs in the air! Mark my words! It's the end of civilisation when everyone just wants to be humped and has no regard for quadratic equations! Hotboy

  2. Hotters. It wouldn't be so bad if the young males appreciated the babes, but they're too busy rapping, swearing, dealing and holding their trousers up. In an alternative universe, the ambition of every young babe would be to eff skinny bald old geezers who would appreciate them properly.