Wednesday, November 24

futile revisits

So I watched Evil Dead 20 years on, and discovered it wasn't scary or even entertaining.

I'm discovering the futility of revisiting earlier experiences. Today I bought a CD and a DVD, including an old Neil Young album. It's not a patch on the Neil Young music that was in my mind.

I'm hoping that the Pink Floyd Pompeii DVD won't let me down. I've never seen it, but the main song once served as the bonktrack for Vinnie's Moll and me, which should carry an extra charge.

But if it doesn't, I'll have to re-evaluate one last nostalgic assumption - the idea that one more night with Denny, courtesy of a time machine, would be at least as good as it ever was.

Fortunately that one can never be disproved, otherwise I would have to start looking to the future instead of the past. Not something you'd want to do in New South Caledonia.

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  1. Albert? Are people avoiding you because of the prostate massage dance? Why else are you wallowing in nostalgia? Just find someone you can talk to other than the dog. Fortunately, the only things from my past I want to re-visit are much better now due to the effects of the kundalini. You miss so many tricks by being a confirmed flatheid, so you do!! Hotboy

  2. Hotters. Aren't you worried about going blind?

    Yes, I've finally succeeded in getting people to avoid me. Okay, not all of them are deifheids, but sometimes you just have to throw the babes out with the bathwater.