Friday, November 19


As someone who's a balanced blend of workaholic and lazy basturn, I usually find it easy to switch off and on as appropriate.

But recently the balance has tipped towards excessive activity. This is not good. Some of the effects I've noticed: you become tired, scattered, distracted. It's the opposite of what blissheids call mindfulness. You start losing things like keys, specs, and even iPods! With no concentration, you don't taste food properly.

I realised if I didn't do something about it soon, I might end up having to meditate.

Yesterday I realised I was too knackered to go to work, so I took a sickie. It's amazingly easy to wind down and switch off when you know you're supposed to be at work. So I had a fantastic day in bed, sleeping. And occasionally reading when I felt up to turning the pages.

Staying off tea all day also must have helped.

After yesterday's deep rest on full pay, today the long weekend begins, and the pendulum swings back to activity. I'm having a ball! The day started with a few minutes of pilates, then the anti-fascist heel stretches. Three cups of tea so far (green, white and black), and I've walked the dog to the supermarket, filling the backpack for the walk home.

At the (home) gym I broke a few personal records without injuring anything. You just have to start gently and be mindful. Stand outside yourself and think: what's the sensible way to do this?

I've done some weeding and feeding the lawn.

And it's not even lunchtime. What a great start to the weekend!

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  1. Albert? Since you cannot do ra bliss, you don't know what fun is! Hotboy

  2. Albert? Taking a sickie has a wonderful tradition in the antipodes, doesn't it? I haven't had any time off this term. Hmmm? Now that they actually want me to do some work these days, maybe I should get an attack of the vapours soon! Hotboy

  3. Hotters. I can indeed do ra bliss. I just choose not to.

  4. Albert? Whence later ... try telling that to the other joes getting the red hot pokers stuck up their bottoms in hell! Oh yes, Nigel, I can do ra bliss, but I choose to get these red hot pokers stuck up my bottom instead! Really? Hotboy p.s. I can't do ra bliss either. I was just kidding yous on of course!

  5. Hotters. Aren't you conflating blissism with one of those punitive hell-based religions?

  6. I say!

    Every now and then, when Wilson is around, I stoop down and pick up a weed. Just to show him that he's missed one. Keeps him on his toes.

    MM III

  7. Mingers I've lost track. Did Wilson replace Doviko or Cabbage?