Tuesday, November 2

annoying music

The traffic driving home last night was so bad that we parked to let the rush subside, and I bought dinner for the driver and me. The radio playing in the restaurant was most entertaining. One annoying or mindless tune after the other. I was impressed that the DJ could dig out such a consistent stream of songs. The one that stayed in the brain was by an English divette called I think Katie somebody. "Oh-oh! It's really not okay, it's really not okay" with a nouveau Chas-n-Dave backing.

Today's annoying music is a slight improvement. The Crossroads theme tune, which I haven't heard since I was about 20, came to mind unbidden, and seems to be on repeat play until I can find something else to blot it out with. Sometimes it might be easier to be a deifheid.1

1I mean of course a Class B deifheid, someone who doesn't listen to music, or only to dreadful music. A true Class A deifheid is defined as someone who can't pay attention to anyone else (often associated with afflictions like NPD). Most people are either Class A or B. I'm fortunate in being neither, though when I get old I may lose my hearing and become a Class C deifheid. It all balances up over time.


  1. I say!

    Often, from Kalimbuka, one can hear village drumming in the night. Tends to reach a crescendo by about 2am. Not as nice as a gumba gumba, and it doesn't sound good if one has overdone the MGTs.

    MM III

  2. Albert? Fancy ever knowing the Crossroads theme tune far less being able to remember it!? Says it all, so it does!! Hotboy

  3. Mingers. Music that actually sounds worse when squishy? This I must hear.

    Hotters. I think you're saying you'd like to hear a ukulele version of Crossroads.