Saturday, July 2

flatheid flat out in the flat

The ex with the car and the muscles helped move several loads of stuff to the charity shop. Including two sets of Rosenthal china, which should get a good price unless the volunteers snaffle it.

I bought dinner for the ex, who has turned out as mental as the rest of us.

The flat is nearly emptied, apart from the stepfather's Playboy back-issues, so I might even get some time off to watch Wimbledon. The fridge is loaded with strawberries and two types of cream, one soya-based.

What I would really like is to take some time to contemplate the flat and the life that the old dear had here. But I'm a flatheid.

- iPhone post


  1. Good for you for getting things done.

    I believe all ex's are mental (including myself) it is just the nature of things.

    I wouldn't take the idea of being a flatheid too seriously.

  2. Nanners. I don't. I've seen what blissheidedness has done to some people.

  3. Albert? The Dom Bliss said you were meeting Sylvania. Hope you told her to buy the Alma Mater book because nobody else has! Guess you are on a plane or home by now. Nice to see that you are almost still alive. Hotboy

  4. Hotters. If she wanted to read it, she could borrow my copy.