Friday, December 30

headroom for blissheids

On the walk last week, we came to a cave in the cliff, with a narrow opening but a massive inside.

Ivan said that when he were a lad he walked the coast for a couple of weeks with his mates. On their last night they found this very cave. Delighted not to have to pitch their tents, they made a fire in here and slept on the floor. Imagine!

The cellmate's standing on her own, and you can just see two more of our party at the very back of the cave.

Ivan and another rellie, outside the cave:

I took the pictures with the wonderful TopCamera app, well worth the $3. I've been able to delete several different free camera apps, since TopCamera does everything (and more) in one app.

BTW, my least favorite app, of the 700 apps on my iPhone, is the one called Phone. As an applied misanthropologist, what would I need that for?

(iPhone post)


  1. Caves are great fun and can be very interesting.

    Looks like a good day out.

    Why on earth would you need 700 apps on a phone?

    I suspect the button you need to learn is the off one.

  2. I say!

    Is the cave an analogy?

    MM III

  3. Nanners. You need at least 700 apps, just in case you ever need to measure the height of something high, or want to see the YouTube chart-toppers for Burkina Faso, or use 11 different web browsers simultaneously, or find yourself in Budapest without a guide book, or play babbling stream sounds to get to sleep. I could go on ...

    Mingers. Yes, alluding to Denny.

  4. Albert? My comment got lost when my connection failed as it does quite a lot. But was Denny like a cave? What? Denny is quite a nice place if you stay away from the chip shop after the pubs shut. Dearie me! Hotboy p.s. Maybe Denny is someone already deid. How could you say she was like a cave?

  5. Hotters. Does the connection fail while anyone else is using it? Ask Brian to explain the allusion - he suggested it in the first place.

  6. Sounds to me like a great way to create noise in your head.

    Keeping track of what does what would drive a person crazy. Which may explain a lot of what is going on in the world right now.

  7. Nanners, I fear you're right, though on a good day the absorption can be quite centering.