Sunday, December 18

a new year resolution

I've got about 100 hours of jazz radio tapes that I made when I lived in jockland. I know all this music so well. I really love it. Listening to it nutritionates nutrifies neuters I mean nourishes my soul. Makes me so glad to be alive.

Ten years ago I copied it all from tapes onto CDs. It took a while.

Yet I never play it! It's always too much trouble, or else the cellmate doesn't like it. Next year I'm going to listen to all of it at least once. Then all the classical stuff too.

In fact, I'm going to play some of the music over the P.A. at work, while I'm with the clients. I'll retire soon anyway, and it's hardly even a sacking offence.

On a related matter, I had two successes at work this year.

One was taking green tea to my work with the clients, despite there being a "no food or drink" sign on the wall.

The other success was when I met my boss last week and he told me what work he had allocated me for next year. I said I'd happily do the tasks I like, but that I wasn't interested in doing the other stuff. This week he fobbed the unwanted jobs onto someone else, and filled up my timetable with more stuff that I like doing.

This last bit might be relevant. I visited the mother outlaw in her old folks home today. She's better than when I saw her in hospital earlier in the year. But drops off every few minutes, at least when I'm there :) These places impress me as an argument for euthanasia (voluntary, but with incentives to make it appealing to the executees). Make it a respectable social ritual.

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  1. When we moved we discovered boxes of CD's that hadn't been unpacked from the last move 8 years ago.

    My husband used to work for Linn and design equipment for them, so his collection is rather impressive.

    I started just playing whatever came to hand it was interesting.

    Glad to hear you got work arranged in a happy way. I think folks would be better off if they could speak up about such things and be listened to.

    Enjoy the music a thon.

  2. Albert? I think the families of old codgers who have a few bob (naming no names!) should be offered a couple of hundred grand to get them to take the euthanasia pill from the age of about sixty. This would free up the capital for the young people to squander and save the NHS a fortune, not to mention freeing up the seats on the buses for spritely poor folk me moi!

  3. I say!

    The way to stop anyone from dozing off is to have the cricket on the TV. No-one could possibly doze off whilst so much is going on (the pitch drying out, the ball getting worn, the grass growing, the foot-marks getting deeper - and that's only the playing surface, and not even the game itself!).

    MM III

  4. Nanners. I wonder if your husband would have encountered Bill Findlay, who also used to do consultancy work for the same company. That would have been last century though.

    Hotters, excellent idea, but surely your class analysis is awry. The rellies of the less well off would have stronger motivation. Plus, the low orders are more of a drag on the exchequer. Also, the bourgeois rellies would be much too polite. From all angles, the proletariat are much more deserving of your suggestion, which I will forward to your Mr Osborne.

    Mingers, I believe some old folk would rather pass away than try that.

  5. Nanners. PS I know what you mean - fresh stuff can be good too.