Tuesday, December 20

NZ for and against

So far, some of the best things about NZ: real apples, proper cheese, chummy people. Ice cream you could eat by the bucket. The mobile broadband is so fast! Possibly because there's not enough people living here to clog it up.

Some less good things: the tap water is disgusting in Auckland, with a nauseating smell - imagine athlete's foot ointment mixed with swimming pool water. The TV is on a par with Bavarian telly, and a good excuse not to even switch on. The only Bavarian beer I could find was big bottles of Schneider Doppelbock - 8.5% alcohol. I would have bought some, but it would only have made me drunk. Local beer here tastes like lemonade.

PS I went back and bought the Doppelbock, but am I man enough to drink it?


  1. I say!

    The worst water is at the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. It just doesn't quench the thirst. However, at least you have an excuse to drink more beer.

    MM III

  2. Albert? What a great looking bottle of beer! You should take a few with you the next time you got to the home to see your mother-in-law. You'll get barred! Great! Hotboy

  3. Mingers. I find any water can be made more thirst quenching when made into green tea.

  4. Hotters. I might do a series of photos of the beers I'm forced to drink here.

  5. Albert? Since Peckhams packed up, I'm reduced to drinking plonko collapso from Scotmid. Erdinger, where art thou? Hotboy

  6. Hotters, at least the plonko's probably cheaper over the course of a night.