Saturday, December 31


It's new year's eve and I'm watching a Mahler concert on TV. They're taking their last opportunity to mark the centenary of his death. I'm loth to take my eyes from the screen, where the English subtitles make it possible to understand the Bavarian lyrics for once.

Who would have thought so much gloom and death could be so beautiful? When I was a third of my current age and I heard it for the first time, I was stoned and tried to dance to it.

Listening last week to a Mahler radio concert, I heard the (Australian) announcer's mispronounciation of Kindertotenlieder. He changed "songs on the death of children" to "songs on the cakes of children", much more seasonally appropriate. It's actually quite common for the Aussie slapdash approach to yield random new meanings, which can add to the richness of language. But is it art when it's purely accidental?

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  1. Albert? How about elephants doing paintings? It might not be accidental for all I know, but they probably aren't very good. Hotboy p.s. Ancient Futures is free today for five days, but you've read it and it is crap!

  2. I say!

    As usual, we will see the New Year in whilst standing to attention (those of us still capable of doing so), and singing the Malawi National Anthem. Rousing stuff!

    Mlungu dalitsani Malawi,

    Mumsunge m'mtendere.

    Gonjetsani adani onse,

    Njala, nthenda, nsanje.

    Lunzitsani mitima yathu,

    Kuti tisaope.

    Mdalitse Mtsogo leri na fe,

    Ndi Mai Malawi.

    Very roughly translated, it means that we shall never let the Aussies win back the Ashes. Or, at least, that's my interpretation.

    MM III

  3. Hotters. Are the free promotions generating more readers?

    PS I realsie all music is emotional masturbation. I admire anyone who could go into solitary or silent retreat.

    Mingers. Not many people know about Malawi's national cricket side.