Wednesday, December 28

I know I can

I think I will! I'm going to do it. I know I can! I'm going to open the 8.5% Schneider Doppelbock. I may be some time.

BTW, Albert has twat a link to an article about ecstasy and depression. I can't embed links from this phone, so you'd have to paste it into your browser:

(roboPhone post)

Next day: I'm sorry but I could only get half way through the bottle. That stuff's only godd for getting blootered.


  1. That sounds a bit like the Skull Splitter that my husband drinks from time to time. But it comes in smaller bottles.

    I see no reason to drink to be drunk, but I'm pretty much tea total at this point in my life. I did enough stupid when I was young to get an aversion to it.

  2. Albert? Well done for getting through a whole half bottle! I suppose you poured the rest down the sink. Dearie me! Hotboy p.s. Alma Mater has been downloaded about a hundred times in the last two days since it was put up on a five day free promotion.

  3. Albert? TheBLissBook is also free till the 31st if you know anyone with a kindle. Hotboy

  4. Nanners, yes life's too short for hangovers.

    Hotters, how can you be sure half of the downloads weren't by Albert? I even downloaded it once myself, as a companion volume to The Real Alma Mater.