Thursday, December 15


On the plane yesterday, I watched Midnight In Paris by Woody Allen. Marion Cotillard plays a gorgeous wide-eyed character, reminiscent of a stoned young DB. Recommended but silly (the film, not the DB).

Great to be away for two whole weeks, even if it's not the most exciting place in the world. When I was only 40, I backpacked here on my own, and scrounged a bed in a rural village. There were no curtains in the bedroom, and the view from the bed kept me awake most of the night. Looking down the valley in the moonlight, you could watch the cloud formations unfolding below you. Astounding. The Maori name of the country is Land Of The Great White Cloud.

The first thing we did when we got here was visit the telecoms shop, to buy data for the pocket modem, and SIM cards for the phones. Get the priorities right: land in another country, and immediately cling to the rest of the world. Pathetic really. On our first night here, we played Internet scrabble between bedrooms.

(roboPhone post)


  1. Albert? Pocket modem? Is that like pocket billiards except with far off folk? Sim? Alaister Sim. He's got a plaque up by the filmhouse. Thank god for the modern world. If it wasn't for having to do stuff on the computery thing, I could be gracefully slipping into the haze with the other doolally folk! Hotboy p.s. NZ? Makes me want to travel. But I'm stuck with David Attenborough for the foreseeable!

  2. I say!

    Are you back in the UnHeard Ofs? What a lovely place to go for Christmas. Less crowded, for a start.

    Brian from Porty asked me to post this YouTube on your blog.

    I expect that it's the usual stuff.

    MM III

  3. Hotters. People here think Jockoland is exotic. It all balance up. PS The Attenborough progs are fab, fabricated or not.

  4. Mingers. Why can't Brian and Albert do their own dirty work?

  5. Mingers. That video was awful on multiple levels.

  6. I say roboPhone!

    Where does one start?

    First of all, I'd like to apologise for Doviko's predictions.

    Apart from the cleevage prediction, his following ones were, and I quote:

    1. Within twenty days, there will be a new year.

    2. Hotboy will be back on the collapso within the week.

    This, I found out later, was all to do with his latest scam, which is to sell me winner predictions in the forthcoming flat season.

    Secondly, here is the original.

    That link can only be appreciated by someone with a laterally thinking mind.

    'nuff said.

    No doubt, I'll have to revisit the links in this Comment to get them working properly.

    MM III

  7. I say!

    @AlecMcCloch may want to Follow @starcries who co-wrote that song (he's the looney on the video with the Dylan placards).

    Also, David Marks is on lead guitar.

    Also, Bri's grandchildren do some of the backgrounds.

    One can only thank Allah for the genes.

    MM III

  8. I say!

    The soundtrack on this one really brings back to me my time spent with the Selous Scouts in Mocambique.

    However, this what what it was really about, when we were seeking the floppies.

    MM III

  9. I've always wanted to visit New Zealand, but the idea of 24 hours on an airplane puts me off.

    Since I travel with a laptop all the time I have no room to criticize. I have a very cheap pay as you go phone for the states, which is really the only other place I go.

    I never play Scrabble in any form. Dreadful game.

  10. Mingers. Shall we just say that now I understand?

    Nanners. Yes, scrabble does tend to focus on single words and therefore distract from the bigger picture. 24 hours on a plane is indeed torture, but a necessary evil so that people living here can escape to Europe sometimes.

  11. No Scrabble is bad because I went to school in the states during the time they were teaching phonics instead of spelling.

    So my spelling is garbage at the best of times.

    Interesting how we all want to escape in different directions.

  12. Nanners. You must be quite young then. I got in at the tail end of the old ways. Any word I don't already know the spelling of, I can usually deduce. Thank goodness for small mercies.

  13. Mingers. Hotters told me never to go with strange men's links.

  14. I'm nae so young, I went to school in the States.

    According to my husband I "used to be American" now I'm duel.

    Yes he does indeed know Bill.

  15. Small world Nanners. That's only 3 degrees of separation!