Monday, December 26

one down, one to go

Yesterday at the jamboree that we had to host, I drank a whole bottle and a half of beer, but amidst all the hooha it was impossible to tell if it had any effect. Some pleasures are best enjoyed alone.

On the plus side, the left over food will feed us for days. Someone left a whole bowl of trifle.

Today boxing day it's all repeated at an outlaw's place. This photo from yesterday is all over the place, appropriately.


  1. Albert? The previous comment didn't take, so here's the opposite... that looks like the best time I've never been at!! I'd have been on top of the table after an hour, so I would. Good luck with tomorrow then! Hotboy

  2. Hotters, good you balanced your comments. Hope you're enjoying the Flatheid-freedom. PS hereabouts tomorrow is almost over already. A bit like life.

  3. I say!

    Amazing that you the famous umpire Darrell Hair at your do. Must have been great talking to him.

    MM III

  4. Albert? Had another look at the photie. You could write a play about a bunch of fat basturns sitting around a table outside at Christmas with their Christmas hats on in the blinding light of 90 degrees, but you'd rather not. Like, taking advantage. Why can't they invent their own traditions, like mangle the possum and then stick it up someone else's bum? I bet no one could talk about anything other than tractors. I'd have been unconscious under the table within the hour. I lost the will to live just looking at it again!These people don't have sex, do they? Hope this helps. Hotboy

  5. Albert? Did you have to move from a place with the most boring people in the world (apart from the voracious sheilas!) to somewhere even worse? I think you did. What can one say about that? Hotboy

  6. Hotters. The ones fit enough to have sex had left the table by this time.

    In NZ they shoot possums and make expensive jumpers from the fur. In Australia, they worship the possums, and killing them's illegal. It all balances up.

    Mingers. The Hair clone is, like most folk here, a cricket tragic. You'd fit in.