Saturday, February 25


Walked for 4 hours up the river in hot sunshine. Decided to get the ferry back. Luckily the bliss partner pointed out that it was an express service and we needed to change ferries half way. Otherwise I would probably have stayed aboard and ended up on the other end of town.

Whenever my bliss partner and I go to Europe, we take different routes, on different days, and different airlines. So we're not exactly a typical couple who fuss over each other and do everything in step.

Anyway, when I got off the first ferry, I realized the partner hadn't remembered to get off. Last I saw of her, she was deep in conversation with the lady sitting next to her.

So I drove home without her. She eventually got a bus home and went straight to sleep, while I climbed trees in the garden - I don't want to piss myself off by telling you why, but all I'll say is that the garden cancer monster vine that I spent a week slaying in January, has metastasized at the other end of the garden. I googled it, and found out that they can grow a metre a day! So today I was up a ladder scraping the trunks and poisoning them with glyphosate. Its next move will be to drop all its cluster bombs, but by then I aim to have put up nets to catch them.

After mowing the lawn I cooked dinner in the pressure cooker. An organic chicken, with olives, prunes and root vegetables, herbs and garlic in a wine sauce. Big success!

Anyway, I've been on the go all day, and it feels great to be knackered. Tomorrow we've to go and see New South Caledonia's answer to Benny Hill. It's strange being with someone who was famous last century, when you've never actually seen his TV shows but people keep asking for his autograph, and other celebs and politicians stop him for a chat. For a change he hasn't invited the deifheids, so I'm going to go along. He's a very nice guy and a great host, in the conventional sense. Keeps your plate and glass filled, while regaling you with show biz gossip. Whereas I'm the sort of host who makes sure you have absolutely everything you need, then says "right, I'm off, enjoy yourselves!"


  1. Sounds like a very good wander. My husband and I always travel together. Since we both work from home we are always together. It suits us. But isn't for everyone.

    Sorry you are dealing with an aggressive and destructive life form in your garden.

    Sadly there are many around here that were imported and are doing too well.

    I tend to hand folks a plate and say "help yourself" As long as there is food in the pot all is well.

  2. Nanners. I always thought of Scotland as self-sufficient in native weeds. Which ones are the invaders?

  3. Albert? Organic chicken? They're taking the piss. You know that, don't you? Hotboy

  4. Japanese Knotweed and Rhododendron are both invasive and a problem.

    Knotweed is especially hard to get rid of.

  5. Hotters. I knew you'd say that. And they spit in everything else, eh? Sometimes you just have to trust.

    Nanners. When I was a kid rhododendron was considered a sign of class.

  6. The rich folks imported it for their gardens, but then it got out of control. Now there are places where it is just taking over. Very hard to kill or control.

  7. Nanners. Another sobering example of a complete reversal over my lifetime. As Albert says, it all balances up.

  8. I want to hope things balance up. But I'm never totally sure it is happening that way.