Thursday, February 16

yochi taiga

People are either in the yoga or tai chi camp, but not both.

In Embra I taught myself yoga but I neither understood nor enjoyed it. But I was sure it was better than tai chi, which was for fairies and space cadets.

In Glasgow I became a tai chi fan, and looked down my nose at self punishing yoga types.

On moving to NSC I drifted out of tai chi and back into yoga classes, and stayed there happily for years.

Last night I thought I'd see how much I could remember of the tai chi form. I got stuck at several points, and had to use a book to remind me, but I finished it over about an hour. I thought today my legs might be knackered, but in fact there's a spring in my step. It's very strengthening. I followed that up with some yoga this morning. Maybe they can co-exist after all in the same person. Maybe they can balance each other up.


  1. Albert? I do both of course. And other stuff. Ancient Futures sold EIGHT copies last month! A best seller! Awful. You could have a look. I think I'll up the price soon. Hotboy

  2. I like tai chi because it is good for strength and balance. I took it the first time when I started roller blading to help my balance.

    It worked pretty well. Though I've not done it in years.

    I've never actually tried yoga, I don't think I am flexible enough for it to be honest.

    I think I'll stick to my kayak and walking for exercise.

  3. I say!

    A spring in the step is a wonderful thing.

    MM III

  4. Hotters, say no more about the 'other stuff' you do.

    Nanners. Walking is good on so many levels.

    Mingers. Is it in the air yet where you are?