Saturday, February 4

last day of freedom

Friday. Angelo Dundee just died. I'm the lucky one because I'm alive! Blessing-counting time.

Today is the last day I can "work from home". As soon as you wake up, you remember that bowl of DIY muesli soaking overnight in the fridge, and you jump out of bed. I followed up with one of the few precious jocko tea bags, then did 2000 steps on the stair master.

Now I was warmed up, I moved to the gym machine, and excelled myself without injury. The first picture shows today's peak settings for the triceps pull down. The machine's original weights are the black ones selected with a pin. Because the steps between them are too gross, I added a home made board on the top, for smaller weights so I can fine-tune.

Today's triceps exercise showed a huge improvement, partly through use of some mental imagery which doesn't belong on a family blog.

Next, the hamstrings. I use much lighter settings for them. You'd think it would be the other way round, because hamstring muscles are much larger than triceps. But it's also to do with the gearing of different pulleys.

Next, I'm doing Quads, and a careful bench press taking care not to reactivate an old elbow injury. Starting settings:

At the end of last year I lost my list of New Year resolutions. One of them was to use the gym twice a week, instead of once in a while. If I follow up, then according to my theory, I'll end up wanting to push people over (triceps), give them a kicking (quads), and run away (hamstrings).

There's still half the day left, and then it's the weekend!


  1. Albert? Well done for getting through this whole post without mentioning the application of vaseline. We all know about that in relation to sports. Hotboy

  2. Hotters. Slippage is the enemy of weightlifters like me.

  3. What is "jocko tea".

    Interesting the things we do to torture ourselves. Looks like a sensible set up, by and large.

  4. Nanners. Tea bags bought in Scotland (or England). Infinitely better than what we get here. The gym is said to ward off the osteoporosis, dementia and possiibly everything else inbetween.

  5. I say!

    You must now look like Charles Atlas!

    MM III