Saturday, February 11


This morning we found a previously undiscovered (by us) 3 hour walk along beaches, forest, and quiet streets. I kept thinking "the dog would have loved this".

Back home for lunch, and we spent the whole afternoon in bed, playing scrabble, finishing my book, drinking wine, and other adult pastimes. I should be ashamed, but I'm not.

Walking to work yesterday morning, Bach's Matthew Passion on the headphones had me gasping with each new tune. I know I'm just a heathen piggybacking on the spirituality of holy folk, but that music really lets you feel the awfulness of the crucifixion story.


  1. That sounds like a really good walk and a well spent afternoon. Sometimes a quiet time with your mate is very good. Also other adult pass times tend to get put to the bottom of the list of things to get done. Even though they are good for body, soul and relationships.

    I love classical music and some times find myself in awe of what faith can create. Sadly the other edge of the sword is what faith can destroy.

    But it is good to enjoy good music, no matter what its source.

  2. Albert? Why don't you get another doggie? Can't you do a dog share? Hotboy

  3. Nanners. Yes, the positives and negatives of faith cancel out. I can't really imagine life without music. Thank goodness for working ears.

    Hotters. The dogs I know are all useless fat lumps, with hip and knee problems. I need a dog that's slightly hyper. I was going to foster a great dog for 3 months, until the pilgrimage to the NZ ma outlaw got in the way. But for the old and infirm of both species ...

  4. I say!

    That post had rather too much information.

    GOTYE are supposed to be good to listen to.

    MM III

  5. Albert? How do you know it's about the Passion apart from the name? Has it got words? In German if so. Are there any sounds of nails getting hammered in and all that? Hotboy

  6. I say!

    This is most amusing. I was disappointed to be adjudged Out for only 49.

    MM III

  7. I say!

    Things have taken a turn for the worse here in Kalimbuka, as a result of Doviko being completeley legless on his dagga stash. The onions are barely chopped - he's lost the oregano - and the chicken is still alive and well in the cupboard under the sink. The cockroaches are enjoying the fallen rice on the floor.

    Someone needs to step in and take control of everyhthing.

    Unfortunately, Mrs M is far too sober to do that, and is in any case distracted by currently arranging the Bougainvillea into an 'arrangement'.

    I would do the business, but Doviko previously put 'The Ashes, 2005' on the thingy-player, and I am now glued to it.

    Oh gosh...there's a rabid dog at the khondi door.

    Any suggestions?

    MM III

  8. Hotters. I'm not sure Bach had access to a hammer and nails, but apart from that you're so right.

    Mingers. At only $1 the cricket app's a bargain if you're that way inclined. PS are you still in the khondi?