Friday, February 3

black and white thinking

Cap'n Kev is an Aussie. Australia has many fine people, and some of them are liberal thinkers. On the other hand, when white South Africa came to an end, the role of world capital of white supremacism fell to Australia, where many Aborigines live in bantustans in poverty, drunkenness and disease.

Albert leaked me a copy of his email correspondence with Cap'n Kev:

Kev: Did you see that TV show that said there was a link between race and intelligence?

Albert: What's the punch line? ;)

Kev: It looks at IQ studies over many years that say the same thing; blacks are dull, east asians are smart. We're somewhere in the middle.

Albert: I reckon IQ is a social concept, not a scientific quantity like speed or weight. I mean IQ is by definition a measure of those human qualities that allow people to function especially well in modern western society.

If the world had developed differently, perhaps with a hotter climate, and Australian Aboriginals had survived best and dominated the world, their culture might measure people using something called perhaps AQ, reflecting people's abilities in tracking, bush tucker, etc. Whiteys might be down at the bottom of that scale.

Thank goodness things didn't pan out that way, or we would be surviving on reservations as no-hopers, with no interests except drugs, coffee, horse racing and slot machines.

Today's photo reflects the infinite number of possible worlds, and the current perfect Albert.


  1. IQ scores just show how well some folks take biased tests.

    I suspect in totally survival situations we white folks would be on the low end of the scale.

    Interesting bit of photoshop.

  2. Albert? Orange men are generally thick. So are Rangers supporters. This does not mean that there are no dead smart Rangers supporters, just that most of them are thick. Middle class people are thick as well. The best actors, singers, comedians, etc., in this country were all brought up catholics. People who do not meditate are not called flatheids for nothing. Flatheids aren't smart enough to be thick. Just my opinion of course. Hotboy p.s. fat people are thick!

  3. Nanners, I had forgotten about the bias angle. Full marks for paying attention! The fractal photo is made using an iPhone app.

    Hotters, all you're saying is that Catholics make good show offs. PS Billy Connolly's old man was a staunch catholic when he interfered with him. Is it true they're more randy?

  4. Albert? Anybody is more randy than your average Holy Willie, cold porridge down your y-fronts, Presbyterian kill joy. Don't dance, don't sing, don't joke! No wonder they all end up cross dressers! Only my opinion. Hotboy

  5. Albert? The photie is sick. Only you. Just my opinion of course. Hotboy p.s. Can you replace that horrid photie with one of the ones of the fat girl with the short skirt flaunting herself up by the castle. That's the kind of photies we want to see on this blog!

  6. Looks like Hotboy has been at the plonko again.

    I've taken several IQ tests in my life. I've always done well, but I'm the kind of person that loves to take a test. Especially one I haven't studied for.

    I honestly think common sense is more valuable than IQ. Mostly because it isn't common at all.

  7. Hotters. You're maybe in need of what my old man used to call an outlet.

    Nanners. I wonder if common sense wasn't always as rare as it is now.