Friday, April 27

chilly new south jocko land

It's only autumn, but already it's colder than some summer days in the old country. Electric blanket weather. Four jumpers weather.

At night, it's hard to decide whether to leave the bedroom window wide open (and freezing), or shut the window and seal in all the gas.

À propos of nothing, an old pic of our boy being a magician when he was about 7.


  1. We are finally starting to see temps above freezing, most of the time.

    No half way point on the window? I like a little fresh air, but prefer to be warm.

    Cute pic

  2. I should have thought of that.

  3. I say!

    Backstage at the Empire?

    MM III

  4. Albert? Where's the gas coming from? Maybe I don't want to know! Hotboy

  5. Mingers. SNOL (smiling, not out loud).

    Hotters, I'm surprised you asked. I thought as a vegetarian you'd be well acquainted with the nocturnal toilet organs.

  6. I'm forever trying to get myself to middle ground. It seems to be a place I zoom over while dashing from extreme to extreme.

    So I spend a lot of time looking for half way things.