Tuesday, April 24

sky at easter


  1. Albert? The bottom was is especially good! Did you have to pain the clouds in the other ones? Didn't know you ever saw clouds in yon desert where you live! Hotboy

  2. Nanners. I see you've got your priorities right - Internet access already in your new place.

    Hotters. That pic is just made for you.

  3. I say!

    Was the last pic a birthday present for Albert?

    MM III

  4. Mingers. I think it says god is love. Albert's a heathen.

  5. I say!

    God is love, eh? Well, that certainly took me back to my hippy days, so it did.

    Everyone's a heathen/batsman/bowler at heart, and I'm sure that you know that fact.

    You just need to reach in there and find the heathen within, and not let crap, or religion, or maths, or dogma, get in the way.

    There is this...and there is that...and not much else. And that is no problem whatsoever.

    And please forgive me, but here is the last word on the matter.

    A Mellow MM III

  6. Actually I've not got net access in the new place. Don't have a phone yet. But I've a 6 week overlap between the two.

    I will admit that being without TV is no big deal for me. But being cut off from the world for more than a few days isn't as comfortable.