Saturday, April 21

the massage and the dinner

I'm still not sure what I'm going to get Albert for a belated birthday pressie, but his presents from other people were: his airfare to the funeral and back. Tickets for a Bach concert coming up. The aforementioned mini comb and mini torch. And spending money from the former pension fund.

Regarding the massage, I'm sure I don't know what Hotters was imagining, but it was no-nonsense Chinese style and all above board. Mind you, the masseuse did look a bit anxious when I asked her to focus on the buttocks (after all the bush walking I'd been doing).

And I forgot to warn her to ignore my giggles, gasps and groans, so I had to reassure her once or twice that there was no risk of breaking me.

The best part of the overpriced dinner for 6 of us, was being able to tell the waitress to charge it to our room. And add healthy tip. Magnanimosity doesn't usually come naturally to me.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good trip, all in all.

    I used to trade massage with a friend before the arthritis in my hands got so bad and I moved across the pond.

    Glad you are having fun.

  2. Albert? I've never had a massage. Why were you getting your bum massaged again? Because of walking? You don't walk on your bum, do you? Hotboy

  3. Nanners. I used to swap massages too, back in jocko land when I knew lots of alternative people.

    Hotters. I believe proper Buddhists recognise that everything's connected.