Monday, April 2

kif and me

The first half of the Kif book is a load of fun, but then it hits the wall with a hundred pages of scoring, shooting up, and cold turkey. Mind you, it’s probably appropriate that reader boredom should mirror the actual tedium of the smackhead treadmill.

The positive side that comes across is how the guy uses drugs to be able to work on in the studio, for days on end, obsessed. I’m a bit like that too – I get to work some mornings and can’t face doing anything, so I reach for the green tea. Then I lie on the floor until it kicks in. I'm lying there now in fact, nearly ready to do something.


  1. Albert? Turned Gimme Shelter into my favourite track!! All the stuff about the open G was interesting as well! Hotboy p.s. You could get off your butt and put a review in for Alma Mater. But then again ....

  2. Interesting how we rationalize around our addictions.

    I can go into my sewing room and get busy, when I do that I step outside of time and it flies by me unnoticed.

    But sometimes getting started is the hardest bit.

  3. I say!

    It's a long way from "nearly ready to do something", to actually doing something, and that journey needs careful reflection and consideration.

    MM III

  4. Hotters, aye the open G would help you. Unless it's dockland jargon for how you help the punters.

    Nanners, I swore off tea and coffee for 20 years. I see now now that they were wasted years. ;)

    Mingers, after a day at work I'm now back on the floor so maybe I was a bit hasty in getting up off it.