Wednesday, April 4

walkies, birds and trees

Nine mile (15km) walk yesterday, around yet another stretch of foreshore.

Three birds that live in different ways. A magnificent black thing with a flesh-tearing beak.

A long-beaked urban scavenger, probably originally designed for wading through molluscs and eating  them.

And the one that looks like a burnt-out Concorde is, I believe, a new caledonian shag.

Good skies. Splendid dead tree.

Weird tall solitary tree.

The cellmate standing beside a life-form akin to the lesser young Albert, originally spotted in 1970.


  1. That is a darn good walk.

    Great pics, I really like the dead tree.

    Interesting birds, my husband has 3 or 4 bird books and we do a lot of stopping to look at them. I don't feel a need to identify them, just look at them.

  2. I say!

    You could make a few bats out of the weird tall solitary tree.

    MM III

  3. Not another beautiful bloody day in yon desert!! Cloudless skies are so boring!!! Hotboy p.s. Great photies though!

  4. Nanners. I agree with you, naming species is a closed activity, compared with the openness of just wondering at them.

    Mingers. Will they ever invent a plastic bat?

    Hotters, I knew you'd enjoy the tree porn.