Monday, April 30

more work

With the "new look" blog editor, the folk at blogger have finally lost it. At first, I couldn’t even get past the opening page to see how the new user interface works. All I got was an “invitation” to allow ads on my blog. Is this the reason for the “upgrade"? To force ads down bloggers' throats?

On the iphone, blogger will freeze and/or simply not respond after a while. And on the ipad, when you open an existing draft post you get a big white empty screen – nothing. And then when you check later via your computer you see that the draft post is now empty of content, all erased.

There's a rumour that the new interface was designed specifically to discourage as many people as possible from blogging.

I'm going to have to look into Wordpress and Livejournal. A whole new learning curve. Now I understand how Hotters feels about technology.


  1. One thing you can do is use Firefox as a default browser and turn on the AdBlock feature, which keeps the adds away.

    Sadly this is a Google product and they are all about pushing adverts on people.

    I like LiveJournal, it isn't all that complicated. I don't do anything fancy with it.

  2. I say!

    Brian tells me that he's happy with WordPress.

    MM III

  3. Albert? Bloggy is fine! All you have to do is master the five hundred pages of documentation, especially the Chinese section which was written by the Africans, and then zen master your way through the rest. Piece of cake! I think you should do something about being impatient. Hotboy

  4. Albert? Continually disappointed by this post! If you almost got chance to invent the internet and can't even understand what the bloggy joes are doing, what bloody chance have the rest of us got? Why can't your thoughts just appear without any interfaces? That would save a lot of bother! Hotboy

  5. Nanners. I do enjoy LiveJournal's simple comment dialog. Another option is to try condensing my posts onto Twitter.

    Mingers. Wordpress and RaBloggy do odd things on their way over here. Both tend to default to an ostensibly simpler mobile template (the RaBloggy one not only shortens posts, it truncated comments too).

    Hotters. If your thoughts simply appeared without an interfaces, you'd be arrested.