Saturday, April 21

in good company

Apologies to my bloggie chummies for my absence from your posts, but Internet connections have been few. I look forward to catching up with you from home tomorrow.

House buyers are commonly advised to look for "the worst house in the best street".

I booked us into the cheapest room in the best hotel, the one where visiting rock stars stay.

Then I got an email from the manager, offering to upgrade us to a suite, for a paltry amount.

We've got a kitchen, a laundry, a living room, two TVs, two fridges, and acres of windows - just drawing the curtains becomes a bit of a workout.

Who knows, we might be in the same suite that Stevie Wonder us, or Clinton or Putin.

Tonight Albert invited all the outlaws to dinner, where they presented him with a tiny monogrammed steel comb - because he only has a few hairs to comb. And a tiny Maglite torch to help him see the hairs, also intended to light his way to the bog at night. When you become an old person, suddenly it's open season.


  1. I always prefer a hotel room with my own kitchen. But it is hard for me to eat out.

    The birthday gifts are lovely. Be happy someone remembered.

    Sounds like a good trip over all. Especially the lack of internet connection. Sometimes you need a break from the world.

  2. I say!

    Is the mini bar free?

    MM III

  3. Before staying in the hotel, you have to discuss with hotel manager about all the things that you need such as kitchen, internet connection and so on.
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  4. Albert? Those lights are brilliant! I had one once, but I lost it of course. You need a tent to go with it. Hotboy

  5. Nanners, it's hard for me to eat out too (though probably easier than for you), but I'm daft enough to want to try and pass myself off as a normal person. With little success probably.

    Mingers, I never thought of that! Maybe I should have drunk some of it to find out, instead of bringing in beer from outside.

    Hotters, are you seeing the lights in front of your eyes again? PS I hope never ever to have to sleep in a tent again - the last time was in 1985, when I was harrassed in the night by a sheep.

  6. I say!

    It's always the first question I ask!

    MM III