Thursday, August 12

being fortunate

I suspended my atheism just long enough to pray for the poor Iranian woman facing execution for adultery. Judicial execution. I believe the freelance kind is already common.

It kind of puts into context my own recent sentencing by kangaroo court, about which I had intended blogging (until I read about this real outrage). We don't know how fortunate we are. Decades ago, one of the folk who come here wrote in a letter to me: may all your problems be tiny little insignificant ones. And so it turned out.

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  1. Albert? I've given up reading the newspapers until I started reading them again this week. Why don't they have reports about all the idiots that get the electric chair in the states? Why don't we just invade the Iranians and get it over with? They've been asking for it by trying to develop nuclear weapons. They must be nutters to want to have those, so we should start killing hundreds of thousands of them right away. Their religion is dead aggressive, so let's start carpet bombing them. It worked with the Germans. Ever since we carpet bombed them, they've been really nice! Hotboy

  2. Albert? I'd much rather hear about what they did at the kangaroo court about you getting you willie jammed in the photocopier than hear all this bleeding heart nonsense about killing adulterers. Hotboy p.s. I bet you there's not much adultery going on in Iran, so there's no point in booking your holidays for Teheran then! Capital punishment probably works for small offences. They should bring in capital punishment here for parking offences. I'd vote for that!!

  3. Hotters. I like the cut of your jibber, but why be selective? Capital punishment for absolutely everything I'll never do. That's simple and easy to administer.

  4. PS Are you sure you contributed to the carpet bombing? You'd have had to get up off your backside.

  5. I say!

    A while back, in the days when I worked, I supervised someone who had previously been an art teacher in a school up country. The President was due to visit the village, so he painted a picture of His Excellency and placed it along with the various flags and such like to celebrate the event.

    The secret police saw the painting and had him thrown into prison for ten years. The problem was that he'd innocently painted a few too many grey hairs, and the inference was that His Excellency was getting old.

    He was let out after four years. Lost most of his teeth in prison, eating the millet full of small stones.

    MM III

  6. Albert? and Mingin'! I would like to vote for shock and awe everywhere, especially in the Bongo Bongo where everyone seems to be amazingly stupid. BOmb everyone! Just get into the population problem right away and stop pissing around. Most of these people are flatheids and don't meditate and so should be shown the road to hell toute suite. Hope this helps. Hotboy

  7. Mingers. Is there anyone in Malawi that has teeth at all?

    Hotters, I'm not sure you're meditating enough.