Tuesday, August 24

old dearies

Called the hospital last night, the old dear is apparently comfortable enough to sometimes refuse the morphine. What a waste! She'll be out in a week and back to living in the head hospital.

I've got to work a whole afternoon, and 14 hours tomorrow, before I make it to the 4-day weekend.

When I rang the PPP, she said the nice wee woman staying with her, what they used to call a ladies' companion, had herself just that morning had a stroke. I suspect she just faked it to get away in an ambulance. Mind you, staying with the PPP would make anyone burst a blood vessel.

Yesterday morning I put on a lump of organic lamb to braise in the slow cooker, with parsnip, fennel and other vegetables as well as seaweed, miso and other stuff that was lying around. Nice getting home at night to a casserole. Organic meat almost counts as vegetarian.


  1. Albert? Glad to hear your old dear is at least comfortable sometimes. Get her to stash the morphine and I'll go her messages in exchange. BTW what is organic lamb? Do they suckle on organic ewes? There's one born every minute!! Hotboy

  2. Thanks Hotters, I'll pass on the offer.

    Re organics, I'm not sure there's enough time left to even begin to explain before one of us carks it. In jockoland, you're probably a health nut if you eat jacket potatoes.

  3. I say!

    I look forward to seeing a snap of the lamb.

    MM III