Thursday, August 19


The PPP pension fund phoned to say the poor old dear has fallen in the mental unit, and broken her hip.

The PPP said: did you know that your grandmother and great grandmother both died of broken hips? It runs in the family.

Maybe if I had known that, I could have helped avoid this situation. But really I'm annoyed at myself. After the docs finally blasted the delusions out of her head, I should have insisted they send her home. At home she could have fallen onto soft carpet.

Getting into a taxi a couple of years ago

But instead, everyone just went along with the hospital hanging on to her indefinitely. The doctors said they wanted to observe her sore back for another month. Well now she's got more than a sore back.

In April I was happy to get her put in the mental unit, but then I walked away from the decision making. I wish I had spotted the window of opportunity a few weeks ago, when her head was good enough to go home.

I'm not beating myself up, rather observing with the aid of hindsight and bliss pills. Maybe somebody, even me, can learn something from this. By the time my generation gets to that point, we'll all get the pillow over the head.

Perhaps the most helpful thing I can do now is phone the casualty ward and ask them to err on the side of too much morphine rather than too little.


  1. Albert? Sorry to hear about this. A broken hip saw off my grandfather, but at least he was drunk when he fell down. I'll put the pillow over your head if you put me down for the fifty fifty split on the nazi gold. Hotboy

  2. Hotters, thanks for the offer but I can cut my own hair, so doing the pillow over my own face should be a doddle.

  3. Albert? You look so incredibly like your mother in that photie that the wummin will never be deid as long as you're alive. Hope this helps. Hotboy

  4. I say!

    I think that's a copy of the Wisden Cricketer Monthly she's got in her hand as she gets into the taxi, so at least she's got something good to read. That's always a plus.

    MM III

  5. Hotters. Indeed one of your most helpful comments to date.

    Mingers. That's so true. It all balances up.