Wednesday, August 4

more recycled texts

I was emptying the phone memory, and threw these texts out. For the benefit of future social archaeologists, and inspired by Cap'n Kev the master recycler, they are preserved here, in chronological order I think. Blog regulars will know some of the folk.

Dear friends, Baby D was born @ 4am this morning via emergency c-section! He's a 2.99kg red head & doing well! Mums ok & dad's turbo is still cooling...!

Hi Rob, possum may be looking for a warm bed. I'm off to hospital tomorrow for a sinus op. Daniele has same on Wed. Coffee in April sounds good, talk soonish.L

I've taken a table on the eastern side

Ich bin hier liebling

Freezing my things off, shall i go to car¿

Only seats i could see are in doyle restaurant where i saw you last and will meet you after x

Change of plan hen, meet you back at mca when your ready let me no. robsy

Me too, exactly where we met

What's up darling? Dinner now 6.30. Shall I call you after?

Dances! At mcdonalds george st st driving around block for a while before losing all hope

At mac d in george st. Dances.

I'M on the bus now, think i'M quite near i can see the big tower thing. Robbie

almost food poisoned eating old dears re-reheated chicken. dont call her, 9 hrs BEHIND. dude feral re bank. mattress! hope flight good + fuselage intact. XXXXX

Cant find it meet me at zoo station shops when your ready r

Don't think I'll be in Scotland, bummer, I'd love to see you. What are your movements and dates? Love,  Pat

C'est très jolly joli le noo maintenant et le mer et si bon... J'espere quand meme avec vous aussi 'n' that. Amitiés. John E Perpignon-and-on. P.S. Mortie Noir roulerais dans son grave. Tant piss

Hi valerie. rob1 told me just to take the key, he's still there. thanks. rob2

Will be out all sunday (and most of monday), what's best for you? i can leave a tarp out. or following sunday is free. regards, r

ion ether, was still hoping to drag U away from sluggery 4 coffee, right up till i quit eburg just now. next time? go well, rob (studying the form)

i told mary i'll get the onions for dinner - let me know if you need anything else. see you tonight

love and admire you so much darling xxxxxx. Take care of yourself.

Cld meet u on monday 3pm at the top of byres rd? Linda

Hi Linda, good we caught up and met some of your family. regards, rob

Boarding for tokyo in about five mins. will email you arran canasta photos. cheers. rob

Bon voyage rob! Was guid seein yees. Im on the dunkirk ferry. Home thursday. Tok soon. P

Lovely 2 catch up. Hope u have a safe journey home. Linda

Boarding at london now, thanks again for everything dude, love rob

Hiya, sounds good to me- what about from the 23rd or the 24th - i'm pretty flexible.-bev

Thanks for telling me about that thing i listened to it at work, it was really interesting. Let me know if you come across anything else good, i'm always desperate for stuff to listen to. O.

By sausages

Thanks darl. Getting drunk with girls. Hope you can drive us home! 7.30 is good.

Just having dinner with irene at pho 236. Cd you come here by bus?

Just Sue. Are you having a rethink about Suzanne?

Sue and I aren't going to the pub this afternoon.

Hi there - just wondering if you have found a watch about the place. Maybe behind bed side cabinet. Thanks bev

Thanks. We found the watch late this arvo. Mum had put it some where safe.-bev

Hey rob its O, i put you down as a personal reference for a lease application. Hope thats ok. I put it as family friend because not supposed to be related.. We should do Yum charia or someting soon.

Hi rob, hope you don't mind,but i gave your number for a housesit reference.- bev


  1. Albert? That's an awful lot of girlfriends. I didn't realise you were taking advantage of some many women. The fact you look so shagged out isn't such a puzzle anymore. Hope this helps. Hotboy

  2. Albert? I do not use that s.... word very often, but it seems to be the common parlance these days among young people of the opposite sex can be heard speaking to each other like that. Even the ones who aren't protestants. Do you think that this has enhanced or caused deterioration in the engagement of social intercourse? I'd like to know what you think. Hotboy

  3. Hotboy The above comment hasn't been written by a stoned person, has it? Hotboy

  4. Hotters. The shag word? I remember it seemed suddenly sexy the first time I heard a coven of upfront Scots babes using it. But I imagine it must be a bit of a bore nowadays if every second English - chavs I think you call them - is saying shag.

    As a man of letters, can you coin a more original term for it?

  5. Hotters. PS - I wonder if it's not so much the ubiquity of the word, but the casualness of the act, that is concerning? I've been following the debate in the Brit press about booze pricing.

  6. PPS - if only they were all girlfriends.

    PPPS - actually I take that back. If only their daughters were girlfriends.