Monday, August 9

night out

To keep the cellmate guessing, I sprung a might out on her. First to the cinema, to see I Am Love, which was big in jockoland when I was there, and has now reached these shores.

The film was okay apart from all the Italians in it. That plus the strange editing, dialogue and camerawork. If you could ignore all that, and the 2 hour length, it was possibly okay.

When we left at the end, three ion type females in the audience were literally falling about with amusement at how bad the film had been.

Next on the plan was a meal out. Near the cinema there was a Thai restaurant. I actually quite enjoyed dinner, more because of the Cafe Royalesque decor than the caustic curries.

The last part of the evening was a visit to a night club, where a band I had heard busking were headlining. Through work contacts, I had managed to get myself on to the guest list. When we got to the door, they asked me to pay entry for the cellmate, but I managed to bluff a freebie for her too - I said we were "in the business". I felt pretty clever but then I blew it when they were trying to apply the stamp, and I didn't even know to present my wrist for inking. They had to explain it to me.

Inside, it was just a very dark bare room, with a ramshackle bar in the corner. The floor was so sticky that walking around was hard work. The young people looked mildly damaged in an alluring way.

The band were so deafening that you couldn't make out a tune or even individual notes. We left after the first 3 apparently-identical numbers. Thank goodness we hadn't paid to get in.

It was the coldest night of the year, so I had to flag down a taxi for the trip back to the car.

When we got home, we agreed that it was good to have a big night out for once, but that a dinner at home, with the Mad Men DVD, would have been better.


  1. Albert? Night's out are for young people, just like memory. I haven't had a night out in years and years. I can't remember when. I'm sure it was a mistake though. Hotboy

  2. It's always a mistake. On the plus side, a good night in is almost always a thing of joy.

  3. I say!

    That sounds like a special evening out.

    Did they show the reels of the film in the correct order? Often they don't down the road at the Zomba Hall. It can make for some very interesting viewing.

    MM III

  4. Mingers. Showing them out of order could only have helped.