Friday, August 6

personal best and worst

Walked the dog through the jungle and then past the supermarket. Filled the backpack with groceries, and walked back to the house, where I weighed it.

Thirteen kilos is a new personal best, easy for a normal person but good going for someone with two busted discs. Upward and onward.

At the moment, all joints are working normally, except the trouser joint. Somebody I'm too polite to name gave me a donation of herpes, a long time ago, a gift that lasts a lifetime. Mine's been dormant for years, but this week it's having a party in my pants.

Cap'n Kev advised me to apply antiviral lip cream for cold sores. It's advertised for lips, but apparently everyone uses it for trouser sores.

So I've been using the cream, but I think it's making things worse. The virus seems to be spreading out in all directions to get away from the cream. It's a battlefield now.

PS - people coming to this blog looking for toilet based content will be (ahem) sorely disappointed.


  1. Albert? Herpes genitalis was a big scare one time. Thank God they were only kidding! I'm terribly sorry that you're dead old and all your bits are breaking up, but you don't meditate and for a flatheid you're actually doing alright for now. Unfortunately, all compounded things are subject to dissolution, and if you haven't got down to ra bliss by your time of life, you might as well blow your brains out. But please don't do that! Hope this helps. Hotboy p.s. Dearie me! How much of this is your own fault? For five shillings, was she worth it?

  2. Albert? Teach yourself how to sit and then don't move. Solve everything!

  3. Hotters. Is it official official bad boy blissheid church dogma? People get what they deserve? There's plenty of real churches offering that already. Differentiate yourself from competitors. Promise that the more your willy suffers in this life, the more pleasure it'll get in the old folks home. I'd join up.

  4. Hotters. PS here's a pagan's guide to meditation. It might not appeal to blissheids as there's no mumbo jumbo.;jsessionid=522EC7E855ADD78202865EFE1F351962?page=1&sy=nstore&kw=julie&pb=all_ffx&dt=selectRange&dr=week&so=relevance&sf=text&sf=headline&rc=50&rm=200&sp=nrm&clsPage=1&docID=SMH1007312K5974MTJ9C

    Mind you, as you can see, the link itself is full of digital mumbo jumbo. It all balances up.

  5. Albert? Problems with multitasking? I was at a wedding yesterday and this morning I have no sympathy left at all for flatheids. Hotboy

  6. Hotters. Was there an overdose of cleavage? That would put you off your bliss.

  7. Albert? Unfortunately, it was a good catholic wedding with no trollops on show at all. What a shame! Hotboy