Thursday, August 26

one panic over

As I suspected, the wee wife didn't have a stroke at all, she was only faking it to get away from the PPP. I could try that myself when I'm there.

Meanwhile, the brother made a mercy dash to the old dear's hospital bedside. She complained about the booze on his breath. She doesn't want to see him again until he stops drinking. You learn to expect that kind of welcome. I know if I rushed over from NSC, I'd hear "why aren't you wearing a blazer and tie?"

The long weekend begins now. Four days of wonderful nothing. Except some basturn has spammed every post in the blog. I need to find a way to tighten up the commenting security without inconveniencing the thousands of genuine readers. Or I might decamp to the trouser blog. What good company that would be!


  1. Albert> Tell her I'll stop drinking as soon as she gives me her morphine stash. I didn't know your brother drank beer with beer in it. At least one of you turned out normal in that respect!! Hotboy

  2. Albert? I'm so pleased to see that at least someone in your family is prepared to stand up for proper standards! Why aren't you wearing a blazer and tie anyway? And a boater! In sure down at the docks that would really whoa them! Hope this helps. Hotboy

  3. I say!

    You must wear cricket whites the next time you visit her. No-one can possibly complain about that.

    MM III

  4. Hotboy. She's lucky if I take off the pantaclava (TM).

    Mingers, that would actually be acceptable, which is why I'd never do it.