Sunday, October 31

following the first violin

Last night the cellmate took me out to a Mozart concert. I love the music but I find concerts difficult to relax into. And not only because of my studies in misanthropology.

I'm always aware of sitting up tall and possibly blocking the view of the people behind. So I've a subconscious tendency to pull my head in and/or slouch my spine. Usual result: shagged back and screaming neck pain. The alternative is to mentally keep reminding myself "eff the basturns, let them sit up straight too". Either way, it gets in the way of the music.

Last night our seats were side-on, so everyone had their necks twisted to one side. Except me. I decided to close my eyes and look straight ahead; focus on breathing and sitting straight. That didn't leave much attention free for listening or holding in the bum explosions.

On the occasions when I opened my eyes, it was to look at the first violin, who not only had a cute bottom but held her spine beautifully straight.

I wonder if I unintentionally strayed into a spot of meditation last night. Certainly there was an immense spring in my step on the dog walk this morning.

I came home and did 2000 steps on the machine, then half an hour on the weights machine without spraining a single muscle. Went to bed in the afternoon of course. It all balances up.


  1. Albert? They said the brain waves you get listening intently the classical music are similar to some ones in meditation, but what do they know. It's just a load of old waves and photons. Just think what a spring you could have in your step if you started meditating and stopped being one of the morons? Hotboy

  2. I say!

    This chap plays a mean Sonata for Keyboard Four-hands K.19d (Mozart)

    MM III

  3. Hotters, thanks for the pointer to that research. That explains why I never have to do the hard yards to get the bliss.

    Mingers. He certainly wood.