Saturday, December 4

beer taste blind testing

I've been buying the occasional 6-pack of real beer, Oettinger.

Then Cap'n Kev gave me a pack of Oettinger, but in cans. It was kind of him, but after drinking a can, I gave the rest back to him. I reckon the cans don't taste as good, even though the beer in them should be identical to the bottles.

So I wondered - could my preference for the bottled stuff be psychological? I set up a blind trial using identical glasses, which I marked but then swapped around several times with my eyes closed. There was a third glass of another German beer, just to make things interesting.

I know you're desperate to hear the result, so I won't keep you in suspense any longer. Even blindfolded, the canned stuff tasted worse. Even so, I managed to drink all three beers, though not all on the same night of course.

PS - After getting the cellmate a pig for a Malawian village, and buying her mother a chicken for an East Timorese family, I've decided to continue the Christmas Charity present theme, by sponsoring a carton of Erdinger for unfortunate people living in the snowbound wastelands of Scotland. The way the scheme will work: I buy the beer here, then send the recipient a complete set of photos of me drinking each bottle. That way, we save the climate by not sending it half way across the world in a polluting airplane. Everybody wins!


  1. Albert? If you drank a whole a carton in a month, you could then worry about being an alcoholic! That would be something else to worry about. Much better than being worried about being addicted to tea! Hotboy

  2. I say!


    I hear that Brian Wilson is starting up a new charity. "Jaguars for the middle classes"

    Hedge fund managers will be encouraged to donate new Jaguar cars to random members of the middle classes. All the recipient will have to do is send cringing monthly text messages of thanks back to the hedge fund managers.

    I think it may catch on.

    MM III

  3. Hotters. Can I help being a highly-evolved and finely-tuned organism, responsive to the slightest physiological events? Sometimes I almost envy the insensitives.

    Mingers. Most bloggers I know can't drive or are too blootered to get behind the wheel of a Jag. I'm the obvious choice. PS Have Jag been bought by Bavarians yet? That would help.

  4. I say!

    Jaguar sponsor the winning England cricket team. That's enough for me.

    MM III

  5. Mingers. Thanks for you enquiry. As a devout Toiletarian, I'm obliged to observe Ramapan with a whole month of abstinence during daylight hours. You should see the celebrations afterwards.