Friday, December 31

dinner with non-deifheids

We tend to get umpteen invites from deifheids, yet we hardly ever get to see the cellmate's non-deifheid friends. It's not a good balance.

Last night we went to a Chinese restaurant with Ted and Pam, a couple of my favourite New South Caledonians.

We took along the mother outlaw. When the dinner conversation focussed on swimming, I was about to tell my award-winning pool story but I was overruled by the cellmate. Probably just as well. I remember the story was censored at Duneditin too.

Thanks to the beer, I managed to be oafish all the same. When the mother outlaw was feeling the cold, I offered her my jumper, but as I was pulling it off I felt the chill air and immediately put it back on again.

Ted burst out laughing and said: never mind, it's the thought that counts.

At one point Ted and Pam invited us all back to their place for karaoke after dinner, but it turned out they were only kidding. I was actually disappointed.

Today I've gone out of my way to be kind to the mother outlaw, for once.


  1. Albert? How nice to be nice to your relatives? Is that one worth anything? Hope so! Hotboy

  2. I say!

    The China Da Restaurant and Lodge in Blantyre does a mean roast duck. It's behind the People’s Trading Centre.

    MM III

  3. Hotters. Is anything really worth anything if it's all just photons and protons?

    Mingers, that's not much help if it's people's as in People's Liberation Army. Expect industrial waste in the food and mandatory tipping.