Saturday, December 11

mahler's first

A woman I spoke to at the drinks party had just been to hear Mahler's First. She was raving about it, even though it was her first exposure to Mahler.

I was about 20 the first time I ever heard it. Vinnie's Moll and I took some dope round to a house full of classical musicians in Sciennes, to get to know them. When I was well stoned and sick of listening to classical records, I trampolined on her future husband's bed, conducting the entire LP of the symphony, giggling, to the bemusement of our prim hosts. Artist's impression below. What a philistine! That's what happens when a female thinks you're wonderful and eggs you on to behave like an arsehole.

A year or two later, I bought a copy of Mahler's First, even though I wasn't sure I'd like it. And it took me many years before I could really say I took pleasure in it.

By the way, Moll's future husband was out on the night that I trampolined his bed, so it was another year or two before they ever met. By that time, he had effed Vinnie. Or probably vice versa. I was the only normal one in that crowd. I only ruined people's beds. The rest of them ended up ruining each other's lives.


  1. I say!

    Wilson would like to know who wrote Mahler's First.

    MM III

  2. Albert? I think if you took up meditation, you might find your inner bouncer. That's what gets worn down by life and replaced by the crushing anxieties of the evil bourgeois. Anyway, just as well you stuck to the perversions. Hotboy

  3. Mingers, I believe it was Arnold Firstenberg. He also developed a brand of beer.

    Hotters, I believe taking trampolining would be more effective. Lucky I have no crushing anxieties to speak of.

  4. Albert? I wish I'd known you were hanging about with such a band of benders! I could have added some home erotic stuff to Alma Mater and since most of yous turned out to be gay anyway, this might have helped with getting it published. Except I never tried to get it published. Maybe I could turn them all gay. All I'd need to do is change the gender of peoples names. Andrew could turn into Gloria! Vinnie turning out to be gay was a bit of a surprise I must admit since he didn't go to a public school, or at least wouldn't admit to it. Hotboy

  5. In Vinnie's defence, I reckon he'd say he was just pushing the boundaries. He was a born-again christian just after that. Who knows what he might be now.