Thursday, December 2

what blissheids do

For weeks now, I've been sleeping like a babe, and taking ages to come to in the mornings. This must be what normal people are like, but it's a new experience for me.

Of course then I began worrying that this was the beginning of the end, maybe my body was slowly packing up.

But I reckon the sleep comes from doing yoga every day.

Today at work, after the yoga I even lay down under the desk with the headphones on, listening to a guided meditation. The commentary was a bit crystal spacey, with cosmic music in the background, but I liked it and it seemed to work.

I had to go to a staff meeting after that. Normally I would have pumped myself up on tea, and you'd think meditation might have the opposite effect and wipe you out. But the blissage and the yoga gave me a calmer sort of forcefulness. Not jittery like a tea high.

This bliss is a piece of piss.


  1. I say!

    I find that a strong MGT has exactly the same effect, and leaves more time for watching the cricket. During the time it takes to meditate, one can sometimes miss the fall of three or four Aussie wickets.

    MM III

  2. Mingers. You wouldn't want to miss that, it must be one off the best parts of the cricket.

  3. Albert? If you're taking exercise, then you should sleep better. Please send me your barbiturates if you've stopped using them. Hotboy

  4. Hotters. Yes but I usually exercise anyway, just not routinely yoga.

    PS we're all slowly dying anyway.

  5. Albert? You should do what I tell you to do. Not what I do, but what I tell you to do. Look into my eyes. You're getting sleepy. Why don't you just stop worrying about all this crap and give up anxiety. Or, at least, recognise it and say, I'm giving you up. Well, you won't do that! Because you love this anxiety! Yous all fung love it! Or else, why would you do it! You're all going to hell because that's a spot where you can really get into the vindication of your pointless anxieties! Oh, I'm in hell! I might have guessed as much! Get yourself a gun and just blow your brains out! Only the good die young, and you're well past your sell by date! Hope this helps. Hotboy

  6. Albert? Now that you've started to meditate, even with some awful guided meditation rubbish, I've decided that it's not for moi! Send me the tuinal! Hotboy

  7. Hotters, you're sick of blissism just as I embrace it. Once again it's all balancing up.

    Re the anxiety, it could be worse: some people are so anxious about going to hell, they spend half their day trying to collect enough points to get out of hell free. I'm fortunate to have escaped that particular affliction. The Teutonic toilet training wasn't all bad. It's all balancing up.