Saturday, January 29

albert off the wagon and on the bus

Apparently Albert organized to go back last night to the same pub as last week, to show Kev the place and the beers. I quote from his email:

Kev's nursey cousin came along, with some delightful young rellies in tow. We sampled and discussed several beers, but as usual lost the place by beer number 5. The ones I remember were, in order of my preference:

White Rabbit White Ale. Superb again, though this time the socializing got in the way of a proper savouring.

Scharer Lager. Gentle.

Little Creatures Pale Ale, with a definite bouquet and gentle hoppy aftertaste. I've tasted the bottled version before, at a deifheid dinner (not the ideal venue), but it's much better on tap.

Fat Yak. OK.

Wheatsheaf Stout. Emetic, but everyone loved it except me and Ben (English, so knows about beer).

In the course of the conversation, the oldies compared aches and pains, and Cap'n Kev educated us with some picturesque country medical terminology, such as:

"your poison glands" = lymph nodes.

"your blood dropping its water in your ankles" = oedema.

We were sitting at a big table on the street, when a passing lass came over and chatted. It was almost like being young again, but with no drive. At my age the feelings become avuncular, and she was so charming that I heard myself saying to her "well you were well brought up, weren't you?"

On the way home, I got on the wrong bus, an express non-stop to the back blocks. Thank goodness I was merry enough not to care.

Next day I remembered the other stupid and annoying things I did. People like me become assholes when drunk. I've been told the way to go is either to get so pissed that I can't remember any of it, or to be teetotal. The way of balance is not an easy path to tread.


  1. Albert? "Well you were well brought up, weren't you?" Did you really say that, and without the punctuation? Between the lines, I sense the fantastic irony. What was she doing to you at the time and how much did it cost? When she banged her head on the underside of the table, did you manage to save the drinks? Just wondering. Hotboy

  2. Hotters. It's a little embarrassing when my private emails are leaked here. I'm not sure about the last couple of words, Rob may have invented that part. Fortunately the lassie was chaste and sober, probably a good catholic girl. She didn't even want a sip out of my glass when I offered (it seemed like a classy gesture at the time).

  3. I say!

    Is Albert trying to balance up for Hotters who told me he'd stopped drinking?

    MM III

  4. Mingers. Quite right, it's all balancing up. PS - It would be news if Hotters ever didn't say he's stopped drinking.

  5. I say!

    You're quite right, Robbo. Hotters giving up drinking seems to happen more frequently than buses from Lilongwe passing the end of the road, here.

    MM III

  6. Albert|? Well, I've given up drinking for this week! Hotboy