Monday, January 10

new year resos

This year I'll try to drink some beer every day. Life's too short not to.

And every day until I go back to work, I'm doing a bit of weeding, so by the end of the month the garden will be weedless. Crawling around on all fours is actually great for a sore back; it's also very humbling. Those Muslim chaps may be on to something.

This year I'm going to get on top of my photo collection. Not because they're particularly beautiful, but they're an archive of people and relationships. Also, there's research showing that looking at old photos helps retard the aging process.

Every day I'm going to do some yoga. Makes much more sense than only stretching/exercising single body parts as they become injured.

Even dumb animals stay healthy with yoga. Here's a polar bear in a downward-facing dog pose. Or vice versa.

In this picture, an over-enthusiastic yogi attempts a combined headstand and downward-facing dog, while drinking urine.

An athlete unwinding in downward-facing dog:


  1. I say!

    Wonderful photos. I always wondered what yoga was all about. Now I know.

    MM III

  2. Albert? Glad to hear you're going to do some yoga every day. After every session you should spend a bit of time meditating, but I suppose you're still to dumb to do real yoga. The stuff you're talking about is just for posers! Hotboy. p.s. My new year's resolution is not to drink any beer at all!!

  3. Mingers. Which pose will you try?

    Hotters. It's balancing up beerwise.