Saturday, January 22


Last weekend there were several concerts happening, and I had to go to one of them with the cellmate. Which would you choose, a short show of no interest, or a very long but possibly good one? To be in the safe side, I chose the shortest, just an hour and a half. But sometimes time seems to stretch, I expect Heisenberg could explain it, some kind of quantum observer effect. If only the other me could have been at home at the same time, it would only have been half bad.

This weekend, it's Albert's turn - he's taking his partner for dinner in a pub roof garden, then to see an unusual Mozart opera starring John Malkovich, in his local Opera House. I hope he has a good night, to balance things up. I may ask him to do a review.


  1. Albert? I love going to concerts especially classical ones and ones with no musical instruments, just voices, particularly in churches. You just close you eyes and do the bliss to the noisy backdrop. A deathless delight! Hotboy

  2. I say!

    John Malkovich reminds me of Poisonous. Here's a review you can copy.

    MM III

  3. Hotters. Yes, but wouldn't you rather roll the eyeballs at home, and spend the ticket money on 20 bottles of Erdinger?

    Mingers. That review is similar to Albert's. According to Albert, Malkovich is the Andy Roddick of acting. I don't know what the cricket parallel would be.

    On the same site, I noticed that Ali G is going to play Saddam Hussein in a film. I can't do a proper link on the iPod, so:

  4. Mingers. Albert said the same thing: "this needs drastic pruning - perhaps in half - a more intimate venue and a rethink of the dramatic trajectory."

    The review says "Casanova writes his journals as an aid to masturbation" as if it's a bad thing.

  5. Mingers. Was that a team mate doing that?