Sunday, January 16

school dream

Last night I dreamt it was my first day at a conference/boarding school. Everyone had to wear regulation shoes and uniform. What I liked was the simplicity of having few possessions, and not having to be responsible for stuff.

Doc Bob points out that I've been feeling burdened recently by domestic responsibilities and general clutter. I reckon the reason many of us enjoy travel is to get away from the mess of daily life. Hotels as boarding schools for grown-ups.

In the dream, everyone had to wear a white tee shirt, but mine had been washed together with some red clothes, so it was slightly pink. I hoped it could pass as white.

Doc Bob said ... well I'm not going to tell you what he said. What does he know anyway! It'll all come out in the wash.


  1. Albert? From the photies you must have a real laugh a minute kid! Have you no photies of you as a kid actually smiling. Just thought I'd ask. Hotboy

  2. Hotters. In Bavarianism, smiling is frowned upon.